Our Branding!

Please have a look at our instagram page and our partner comments below.  We are really pleased with the feedback we are getting and are looking to establish ourselves as the main brand in Christian clothing!

Our Christian clothing and apparel is guaranteed to make people stop and look at the message.  We are passionate about the gospel message of Jesu

Christian Clothing

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Christian Clothing

Christian Clothing

Christian Apparel

Clothing that spreads the Christian Message is important to us here at IBIJ.  We believe that Jesus is the hope for the world and that anyone can a have a new start with God.  Christian Clothing and Apparel assists people in spreading the gospel message, we use scripture and bible verses in our social platforms to encourage people to find out more about Jesus.

Christian clothing can also be subtle, if you have a look at our Christian Clothing that has smaller logos and smaller message fonts, this is for people who would like to ease into a conversation about Jesus rather than shout it from the roof tops.

Whatever you want to proclaim, our Christian Clothing has got the right message for you, sign up to our newsletter which will up date you with the latest designs.

Christians who love God Clothing