About us

Founded in 2013 by Glen and Becki, IBIJ is based in the UK and is serving its customers across the USA and Europe.
 IBIJ (I Believe in Jesus) products are for everyone to wear.  We are a brand to get people talking about God.  We design images that relate to a bible verse so that people can proclaim what they believe through what they wear.

If you are looking for Christian clothing that inspires, creates intrigue and is of good quality then you have come to the right place.

Christian Clothing Our goal is to help you push the boundaries of promoting the Christian message, that Jesus is the hope for the world.

We know people are only one step away from finding out who Jesus is.  

IBIJ will inspire all people to "CREATE CONVERSATION" wherever they are, from the youngest to the oldest, we have the right merchandise for you.


We don't just sell T-Shirts, we also have hats, wristbands, mugs and other accessories with our logo on.  We have found that even stickers help spread the message in a really light hearted way.  Christian clothing really does work for spreading the gospel.

If you would like to contact us then use the social media accounts at the bottom of the website page or email us. 

Let's stay connected and see people talking about Jesus, the hope for the world.

Clothing for Church People

Don't forget, our latest range of clothing is available with FREE shipping worldwide if you subscribe to our website.  Let people ask YOU the question about what you believe, the only thing you need to know is the reason why you believe in JESUS. 

Christian Clothing and T-Shirts

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 People often now ask us where can I find Christian Clothing near me?  The answer we give is that you don't have to have a Christian store nearby, we sell Christian scripture t-shirts around the world.