My Availability - Send me?

My Availability - Send me?

My Availability

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

We love the thought of God being at our side, surrounding us, protecting us, providing for us, fighting for us and answering us when we pray.

These are all true promises of God, he does all those things and more.

What we don't realise though, in our relationship with God, HE is the Lord.  He is our Father and we are his children.  We are not on the same level as God and he is not at our beck and call.  Sometimes with the way the world is pushing the "How Am I Doing" agenda, we can look so inward that we start to become selfish.

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What about my feelings, my wellbeing, my mental health and my dreams, ambitions and goals.  There is nothing wrong with these goals and ambitions, looking after your health and wellbeing.  The problem arises when this is always our first go to point, whenever something crops up in our lives we first and foremost go to our own needs and wellbeing.

Here is a classic example - 

You have had a bad day at work, your head is pounding from stress, you get back into the house and the kids are screaming.  On the side of the kitchen worktop is an opened letter from the bank demanding you pay your missed loan payment within 7 days.

So you are not feeling like anything good right now, you hate your day and want to start over.  Then the phone rings, its your best friend asking if they can meet you as they have had some bad news.

What do you do?

Now in reality most of the time in this situation, we would think about ourselves, my head hurts, I've got bills to pay and have no money, the house is in chaos. 

But what if God was looking for someone to meet with your friend as this was the moment when they were going to decide to follow Jesus?

Obviously this is a slightly extreme situation and there are lots of possibilities which could all work out for the good in this scenario.

What we are highlighting though is the fact that there are lots of us who when we first decided to follow Jesus, we were in complete abandonment of our own lives and were willing to do anything to follow him.

Fast forward a few years and the weight of life, routine and work pressures take their toll, we no longer are thinking about what God is doing, we can only just see in front of our own nose where we are going. 

Our availability for God has disappeared.  

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We want you to take a moment, think on this.

Do we really want it to be that at the start of our Christian faith we were full of energy, anticipation of what God was going to do with us.  Do we want to leave that to then, the younger years maybe when we had more faith?

We know that there are different seasons in our lives whereby time is more constrained than others.  We are not using this as an excuse though......

What if God is still looking on us and asking this age old question?

"Whom shall I send"

We want to be that person, those people who are first to put their hand up, first to say I'm ready to go again.  I may be crawling in my walk with God, maybe plodding along, but this is the moment I need.

If this is you, then repent and lets go again,

We love that phrase "Let's go again", it is essential to the Christian walk, set backs happen, disappointments happen but we go again.  We lay our burdens, disappointments and worries at Jesus' feet and raise our hand up high in the air.

Isaiah 6:8 - HERE I AM SEND ME

Our "Send Me" clothing is there to let you remember the attitude we need, to be available for the Lord.

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