Christian Hoodie with our Jesus Freak Christian Apparel.

Christian Hoodie with our Jesus Freak Christian Apparel.

Christian hoodies & Christian apparel

We started the year looking for a new design that would bring about what we had been thinking as a Christian Clothing store over the past few months.

One of these thoughts were about the notion of who Jesus is, in our culture today.  From our research we came across so many different opinions of Jesus, from myth to prophet as a wide spectrum.  Our latest Christian T-Shirts and Christian apparel collection came out of a real desire to see young people of all ages proclaim the real nature of Jesus.

When we decide to follow Jesus we become consumed by the Holy Spirit to talk about him, talk about the way he has changed our lives from the inside out.  We know we are loved by God and accepted by our maker, no longer slaves to this world but children of the one true God.

The best Christian Clothing apparel store in the World.

This passion that we feel, now that our lives have been transformed can lead us to be having conversations with people about the amazing grace of God.  The gift everyday of life itself.  We can be portrayed as a Jesus fanatic, a freak if you will.

Now in the past this label was a negative slur for Christians who were passionate for Jesus and wanted everyone, everywhere to know him.  We believe this is who were are as a Christian Clothing Brand, a company who wants the world to know about Jesus who was and is and is to come.  Not a myth, not a prophet but the son of God who did actually arrive on this planet (lots of historical evidence here) and lived amongst us.

If you don't know who Jesus is and want to find out more - we recommend this page for you to find out more.


Ephesians 3:20 - Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

God has a great plan for your life and wants to know you, why not become a Jesus Freak and find out who he is?

Jesus Freak clothing for Christians in fashionI was surfing through my social networks the other day and I realized how small I felt in comparison to all the people I looked up to. From friends to influencers, one thing I noticed in common was the nuanced dissection of mental models, the newest philosophical discussions, and the flurry of inspirational startup quotes. They all melted together into a large paint pot of complicated fraudulence. But at the time, it had me thinking: what makes me better than them? I have always been competitive. When I was young, I wanted to be the most outspoken in Sunday school. As I grew a little older, I wanted to be the smartest in my class. Now, I found myself wanting to be the most successful out of everyone around me. A pattern I saw myself constantly trampling upon was that especially when I admired someone, I inadvertently tried to BE them, and in many cases, lost myself in the process. What I realized was simple. I had begun determining my worth through my comparison with others. I see a lot that so many people’s definition of success is just “to be happy”. But isn’t happiness still so unfulfilling? At the end of the day, happiness is fleeting and what my soul craved wasn’t the brevity of laughter. It was eternity with Christ. So I had fallen into the pitfall of constantly chasing happiness. What ensued was expected. Countless sleepless nights were riddled with questions. Was I truly productive today?  Have I done enough? What can I do better to be a better person? I was always chasing self-improvement because I was never enough. And in that aspect, I was right. Chasing happiness showed me: no, I wasn’t enough. I was never going to be enough. I always had something else I could prove. Retrospectively, I look upon myself and ask WHO I was trying to prove my worth to. Myself? My friends? My family? Regardless of who it was, no amount of proving would be enough. But I realized that it didn’t matter. God had already approved of me. So what more could I need? What I was searching for was already freely given with grace unbounded. I have always been a goal setter so I promised myself this year that I was going to make myself a motto to follow. After weeks of thinking, it came to me. Be a spiritually, socially, and mentally edifying person. And while I worked so hard to continuously achieve more and reach these goals I set for myself, I found my soul hungering just for Jesus. I know God is good. I’ve witnessed His presence and His love. I’ve felt the peace that transcends above all understanding and I’ve experienced grace undeserved. Slowly, I have been working on tuning out the white noise of the world and setting my eyes on things eternal. What I learned from all my years pursuing God and trying to understand His will and heart was that I just needed to return to the beginning. Back before my heart was calloused and bruised. Back before I found an incessant need to prove myself. Back to where it all started, when I experienced my First Love.

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