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God in the waiting

God in the Waiting.

Whilst waiting for God to outwork his purposes in our lives we can get quite negative.  Our thoughts turn to the word "Never".

"I'm NEVER going to do well"

"God NEVER answers my prayers"

"I'll NEVER be anybody"

Etc Etc, the pain of waiting can seem like God is not there, distant even.  Does he really care.

Whilst going through a bible plan on YOUBIBLE we really found grace and some insights into what waiting on the Lord really means.

One aspect is to never give up, never ever give up on God.  He is wanting us to be courageous and persevere with him.  We don't want to miss out on what he has got for us, so keep pursuing his love for us.

Let us replace the "NEVER" word.

Let us use the word "ALWAYS" with God as his love is everlasting.


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Here is a great quote from Charles F. Stanley which has inspired our "ALWAYS" range of products.

GOD's love is lasting and unending.

Be inspired by the quote from Charles F. Stanley

The word Always.

As a believer ...

God will always be with you.

He will always love you.

He will always forgive your sins.

He will always listen to you.

He will always comfort you.

He will always provide for you.

He will always remember you.

He will always work on your behalf.

He will always lead you with love, power, and wisdom.

He will always bless your obedience to Him.

He will always come through for you.

He will always answer your prayers.

And when you wait on the Lord, you can know for certain that the best is yet to come …


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