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Even Greater Things?

We read this verse last week and were so inspired by it we thought we would bring out a range of clothing based on it.
Christian stranger things hoodie
Here is the verse we read:
John 14:12-28 NIV
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 
What stuck out for us were the words "even greater things".  Jesus spoke to us saying that we would do even greater things.
One of our main aims for IBIJ Christian Clothing company is that our products point people towards Jesus and make people think about their Christian walk.  This year we have really been looking at how effective our own Christian walk is and what we were doing to exercise our own faith in God.
Jesus says "whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing.  If we stop there for a minute, we can have a check at our own lives.  Are we growing closer to Jesus?  Are we doing any of the things that Jesus did?  Are we becoming more Christlike?  How are we treating people around us both believers and non?
Now we know that we can't just conjure up being more like Christ or doing certain tasks just to make ourselves feel more holy. 
What we can do is allow the Holy Spirit to invade our lives in such a way that we change from the inside out. 
Our own motives are Christ focused as Paul said 'No longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me". We do this by putting God first and allowing him to guide us by His Holy Spirit.
Is this your hearts desire to go and do great things in God?  That's the promise Jesus has said to us. 
Christian Clothing for the generation of modern Christians who believe in Jesus
Our hoodie and T-Shirt range speaks to people by saying that God is still doing things today.  Not just in bible times but right here and right now in this day and age, the Holy Spirit is still invading the world.
When Jesus said that we would do even greater things, this goes beyond what we can physically imagine.  Our lives can be given to God to help us do the extraordinary.
We can pray for healing for someone and see it happen, we can tell someone about how Jesus has changed us, protected us, given us hope and inspire someone today.
Have a think, what ways can you do even greater things today?  Be inspired, every step towards God will be met. We are born to make a difference in this world, whether we feel like it or not, God will and can use us for His glory.
He will help you do 'Even Greater Things'.
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