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Eternity over Temporary

Our 'Eternity' T-Shirt inspires us to not just fixate on the temporary difficulties we may currently face, but to remember the promises of God that ultimately He promises us victory.

These temporary difficulties can change our perspective on life, get us feeling hurt, disappointed and low.  We have to remember that just as the sun comes up each morning and the moon at night, there is a God who is always there.  The issues we are facing will fade and ultimately we will come through them with God right at our side.

God has a plan, and it is for our good (Romans 8:28-30)

Scott Peck famously wrote, “Life is difficult.” Everyone understands his statement, for life is not easy. In the midst of life’s difficulties, God is at work. Think of it—God works when we are in difficult times. He’s about the work of redeeming the situation in which we find ourselves to bring about whatever good may come.

God works for the best outcome in every situation for those who have been called according to his purpose. People who have heard God’s call to salvation and put their faith in Jesus Christ will experience God’s work in the difficult days of life.

Christian Eternity inspiration where to find this in the bible
How does this work? First, through God’s foreknowledge. God knows about each person’s salvation. In this context, God’s foreknowledge not only refers to salvation, but also refers to the entire life of the Christian. God always knows what has happened and what will happen. Thus, with such a vast knowledge, God works to bring good.

If you are in desperate need today - text a friend for help, speak to someone and ask for help, go to your Church leaders, your Pastor, someone that can pray and help you.  So often we keep silent and try to struggle through. 

Jesus can be trusted as He alone holds our future. 

You are precious and loved in His sight, nothing can take this away.

Inspire people around you today - we are built, not for temporary but for an eternity with with God.

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