When walking with Jesus for a period of time you come to realise that we are always presented with choices.  Choices that are left to us to decide upon but will ultimately help you in the future if you choose the right option.

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One of those choices is how we feel.  Now don't get me wrong, we all have those bad days and those days where we would rather stay in bed in the morning.  They are part of life and we can't pretend that we sail through life waking up every day with joy in our hearts ready to sing out to the world at the top of our voices.

I'm talking about those days where you just feel down, you can't explain it but you just know that the day is going to be bad.  It can be a week of feeling low, a month or even more, but the bottom line is the pressures of the world have got to you and you really feel that you can't do anything about it.

You can even be wearing your best faith inspired hoodie or t-shirt and still be right emotionally or mentally.  That can make you even feel more of a failure, as a Christian I should always be upbeat, right?  How can I even tell people about Jesus if I feel this way, I need to repent of my actions to the Lord and get myself out of this pit.  Sound familiar?

Well, there is some hope that we can pass on, from experience and through talking to various counselling professionals, Church Leaders and lots of other Christians, it seems that there is a light in the distance that can become closer than you may think.

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 You may ask - "So what is the magical healing medicine that you need to buy"?

We would say that their is no special medicine but a series of helpful ideas and resources that can help you and hopefully assist you during your Christian walk.

Each of these points can be downloaded her from our EBOOK for FREE.

We give a 5 day plan to refresh you as you go about your week, each day has 4 different elements to refresh your body, mind and soul.

Even in difficulties we can be at peace because of Jesus, he is over all, the name above all names and the authority in our life.

Our new christian clothing collection titled "Over all" enforces the fact that no matter how we feel, Jesus is in control.  The one that we have to look to constantly as our hope and purpose.  We are hidden with Christ and this is the message that we are telling the world through our Christian clothing.

Even though we should feel worried, fearful and anxious, we are not as we have a firm foundation in Jesus.  Our Ebook is free if you buy one of our Christian clothing products from this Christian Clothing range HERE.

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